Navigating the river of life

I like to think of life as a river. You have to navigate it carefully and make the right choices about which direction to go.

RiverA bad decision could lead to a dead end or treacherous conditions.  The water might be filled with muck, too shallow or have dangerous currents. Or the river could be calm with little obstacles.  Most importantly, you need a plan and basic skills to be successful so you are strong enough to weather rapids and stormy waters, nimble enough to navigate obstacles and smart enough to realize potentially dangerous situations.


I started LSL365 to provide teens and adults with Everyday Life Skills Learning.

About Jeff Zidman, LSL365

I started LSL365 to help teens and adults learn important life skills on everything from day-to-day financial literacy, situation skills, independent living skills and organizational skills. Jeff has a formal education in engineering and business management and has spent over 20 years in industry working on developing and implementing business process improvement. Jeff has taught a diverse range of subjects to audiences of all ages and sizes. He lives in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area with his family. In his spare time, you might find him working on puzzles or enjoying the outdoors.
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