My vision for LSL365 came as my children were finishing high school and I realized that they never really got an education in financial literacy and other “mundane” skills we use every day.  I tried to spend time explaining these topics as they came at my children at a rapid pace that neither they or I were prepared for.  I talked to friends, relatives and associates and realized I wasn’t the only one facing these challenges.

ducttapeI have spent the past 30 years in the business world as a “utility guy” — a jack-of-all-trades — the go-to guy — for a handful of companies big and small across a wide variety of industries.  If I could be described as an inanimate object, it would be duct tape – very versatile and able to bring everything together without a lot of supporting structure.  My jobs always had something to do with improving operational processes, training on processes and systems and creating analytical tools (spreadsheets) to help turn data into information for making complicated decisions. Outside of my day job, there is a good chance you will find me in a classroom or museum.  For over 15 years, I have taught subjects as varied as math, foreign language, history, ethics and scientific discovery for youth of all ages. I am passionate about what I teach and bring high-energy, interactive and creative lesson plans that keep students engaged.

I am passionate about helping youth and adults become successful in life and bring my experiences, high-energy level and creativity to the classroom to provide “real-world” life skills training that is engaging and will leave you with valuable resources to practice what they have learned.

What we do…

LSL365 offers inexpensive, interactive and face-to-face delivery of training on a variety of life skills topics. Each of our course topics is planned for about 90 minutes and are offered around the greater Raleigh-Durham NC area and by request.  We are also building a library of online videos to supplement the face-to-face training.

LSL is an acronym for Life Skills Learning.  365 is every day of the year that we need these everyday (mundane) skills.

We have to master the mundane so we can focus our energies on creating our own personal success.

Visit our courses page to learn about our offerings and register and be sure to check our Events and Facebook page for upcoming events.  And of course, feel free to contact us.


Jeff Zidman
contactFounder and President
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