Financial Literacy

moneyThese courses are designed to help you understand everyday money matters.  Financial success is rooted in understanding basic financial concepts such as:

    • how to read and understand bank and credit card statements
    • where our paycheck goes
    • the power (and dangers) of interest compounding
    • how to develop and live with a budget
    • what credit is and how to build it
    • what really is insurance and when should I have it

Course information

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We are in the process of getting the classes scheduled.  Please visit soon or subscribe to get updates.

 coming_soon FL100 Credit card statements and paystubs
 coming_soon FL110 The power (and dangers) of Interest
coming_soon FL120 Budgeting Basics
coming_soon  FL200  What you should know about Insurance
 coming_soon  FL210  Contracts and leases
 coming_soon  FL220  Planning for retirement and major expenses

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