Independent Living Skills

livingThese courses are designed to help you manage everyday living tasks. Mastering the mundane of living on your own mean understanding things such as:

  • fundamentals of car ownership (and when you should consider repairing or replacing)
  • fundamentals of home ownership
  • how to get around your kitchen and grocery shopping
  • rental leases and how be a good renter
  • real world math such as tipping, estimating, and interest rates
  • how to recognize a scam

Course information

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  • Upcoming live events are displayed on the right frame of our pages or visit our event calendar (on Eventbrite) for a complete listing of courses.
coming_soon IL100 Real world math
 coming_soon IL110 Kitchen and grocery basics
 coming_soon IL120 Basics of car ownership 
 coming_soon  IL130  Recognizing scams
 coming_soon  IL200  Contracts and leases (for renters)
 coming_soon  IL210  Home ownership basics
 coming_soon  IL230  Car buying (or should I even buy)

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